It is said this building is haunted. I wouldn’t disagree withg its three story, long corridor appeal. Drop by yourself and feel the chill in the air.

I look forward to invoking some energies come halloween with one of my many rituals. Lets bring out the spooks!!

Anyone wants to invoke some spirits come halloween their-selves then get yourself a purple candle, Usually positioned in the centre of the elemental candles, and follow this blog to see more updates.

Lets hear your say!!

October is finally here. Us at Saturday books would love to put on an event for halloween, so we’d like your input!! What better way than to get the community to decide on an event they would like instead of having no choice in the matter… So what would you like to see?

*Have you ever been to any halloween events or readings?

*What would you like to see?

*Would you like to dress up?

*Maybe a best dressed competition?

*Maybe a best decoration comp for you or your children to take part in and we’ll put them up in the shop.

*Ghost stories in the dark?

Gloomy October

So, As October begins we surely see the miserable, gloomy, grey sky continue to surface our horizon. So what do we do about it?

Exactly we curl up with our favourite book and prepare for the upcoming cold that’s soon to arise.

So in this time of seeking warm comfort, do not forget to drop on by to Saturday books in Dudley to pick up your security blanket!!

Poetry Reading Event Tomorrow 12PM with us at #Saturdaybooks

Its that time of the month again when we get together with some spectacular individuals from the community. Whether they will be readers or listeners, its a place where we can all share our passion for the art of words!

There will be, as always, refreshments and a comfortable loyal atmosphere. So come and feel the vibe! You will not be disappointed. Even if you can only pop in for a short while instead of staying for the whole event. Which is usually around 1 hour and 30min when a good conversation gets going. Then that’s ok, we’d love to see you!

Saturday 28th September

Come along for another one of our Poetry Readings at 12pm.

Whether you are a noob or a regular there’s something for everything.

Discussions, readings, refreshments, great people and to top it off an amazing ‘TARDIS’ bookshop. We may look small from the outside but do not let your eyes deceive you!!!! We have a tremendous section of books upstairs, whether you’re into railways, history, poetry, ghosts, crafts, gardens, the wars, philosophy, religion, witchcraft, music and much much more. Come search and browse are stacks and have a coffee while you do.

It’s that awesome i never left and offered my volunteer services to the book. My second home.