It is said this building is haunted. I wouldn’t disagree withg its three story, long corridor appeal. Drop by yourself and feel the chill in the air.

I look forward to invoking some energies come halloween with one of my many rituals. Lets bring out the spooks!!

Anyone wants to invoke some spirits come halloween their-selves then get yourself a purple candle, Usually positioned in the centre of the elemental candles, and follow this blog to see more updates.

2 thoughts on “Conjuring”

  1. So Halloween is drawing nearer, are you prepared yet?
    Ways to summon a spook….
    * The use of planchettes to produce mysterious written messages gave rise to the belief that the devices facilitate communication with spirits. Originally used as a simple wooden board for automatic writing, people who dabble in mysticism now believe the planchette is moved by the presence of spirits.
    * Good old school, Ouija board.
    * Using a Pentagram to conjure demons…
    There are rituals in which people, using the pentagram to symbolise the elements, form a circle nine feet across. One is made for the summoner, and another to summon and bind the spirit. Making the star and circle is usually part of a larger ceremony and this whole process is usually said to summon unpredictable demons, so try it at your own risk.
    * Using a mirror to summon a witch
    Start off in a well-lighted room. Light a few candles and turn off the lights. Once there is enough wax, splash the mirror with wax. Sprinkle salt around the mirror and yourself. Set up the candles around you, and be very quiet. Once the wall is dry, take a knife and carve in the wax the type of spirit you wish to summon. Finally, take a knife and put some of your blood on the mirror. Now chant: “Witches course through time, we are in need of assistance, Oh spirit come, we beckon you. Share your stories, come until the morning light”

    I would suggest leaving out the blood part.

    Stay tuned for more spooktatular rituals as halloween draws in.

  2. So folks!!!! We hope you’ve been interacting in our Facebook group.
    We want to hear from you!!
    Anyone getting ready for any Spooktacular events.
    Come back the 31st for my account summoning my loved on with the help from my almanac. Anyone else keeping and documenting their own book of shadows?

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