New Opening

Saturday Books has a new schedule, now being open through the whole afternoon – 12.00-5.00 – on weekdays.  Wednesdays do remain closed, and Saturdays remain open from 10.00 until 3.00.


The Saturday Books bunch – Francis, Zach and several friends – are aiming to keep an open shop in chief commercial hours.  Because of the use of the frontage  for the parked transports of Matthew Southall delivery trucks during mornings, we concentrate on the latter part of the shopping day, and hope that our local customers will respond to our invitation to spend lunchtimes browsing, or sit and read in a comfortable chair, and enjoy a free coffee.


Meanwhile we are forging connections with a DMBC-sponsored reading group called Reading on the Rocks  (the Rocks refers to the ancient geology on which the town of Dudley is seated.) See the review of the groups’s review of Alice’s Munro’s most-recent Dear Life.  And we hope to promote poetry, the monthly Slam! held at the Caffe Grande, Stone Street, Dudley.


Influxes of books are added continually to our online catalogues.  Amazon does not seem to offer a direct route to Saturday Books, or at least, as far as we can see.  That is not the case with Abebooks.  You can reach us through Abebooks ‘Booksellers’ or simply through the Shop Online -and then Abebooks button – of this website.

Saturday Books will close August 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Online, however, remains open for the period.

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